Cooking Sessions

Our Cooking Sessions usually start at 11:00 am and finish at 2:00 pm.  Each time we meet we conduct our cooking sessions in a similar manner.

  • Sit and have a chat about the menu of the day discussing any significant points about each new recipe.
  • Form into pairs, with each pair to prepare a dish, the pair then chooses which dish they would like to prepare. (Main, Dessert or any side dish of the day like flat bread or salad.)
  • Prepare the meal with the cooking instructor helping us learn by pointing out tips and techniques as we construct our dish.
  • When the meal is ready we sit together and enjoy the feast we have prepared and enjoy a general chat.
  • Plan the menu for the next time we meet. At this time we seek volunteers to buy the ingredients for each menu item, and a volunteer to wash the aprons and tea towels.
  • Then we clear up and wash the dishes... See you next time.

Note that we do not consume alcohol at our cooking sessions, we decided as a group that we wanted to attend to learn how to cook, not to get pissed.