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Who can join Forest Men's Kitchen?

  • Are you an older man?
  • Do you have spare time at lunchtime on weekdays?
  • Are you looking to increase your confidence in the kitchen?
  • Would you like to learn more about how to prepare delicious meals?
  • Have you had to take over the role of preparing meals?
  • Do you miss those favourite home cooked dishes?
  • Maybe you are recently widowed, or your wife is no longer able to prepare meals for you?
  • Maybe you just would like to help share the meal preparation duties, but have no clue about cooking?
  • Maybe you would just like to join a group of men who enjoy each other's company while preparing a meal.

Are you ready to strap on a Men's Kitchen apron? 


Being a member - Joining Forest Men's Kitchen brings to you the kitchen skills development you seek and the mateship you want.


Fees - In 2018-19 the annual membership fee is $40, payable on the 1st July each year. This reduces a little if you join later in the year. 


When attending a cooking session, a contribution of $15 is levied to cover the cost of ingredients for the meal you help prepare and enjoy eating on the day.


Applying for Membership    To apply for membership please download the application form, print and complete it. Bring the completed form to the Men's Kitchen when you come.  If you don't have the printing facilities, don't sweat it, book in to a cooking session and we'll look after the paperwork later.


Download the Membership application form.


Old Dogs.  New Tricks.  Great Mates.



When we run each Cooking Session where the attending men prepare a meal, usually comprising a main dish and a dessert, we rely on two other supporting roles to make it all happen:


A Cooking Instructor

Energetic and experienced commercial cook or a competent home cook who knows how to mentor others and is prepared to teach older men how to follow recipes to prepare meals.


A Cooking Session Coordinator

A keen volunteer prepared to manage the Cooking Sessions by opening the venue, collecting and paying monies, encouraging the men and close up the venue when done.


If you would like to volunteer for one of these roles please contact us, then come and see what we do maybe? Oh, and if you don't live on the Northen Beaches of Sydney but are keen to get involved, we would love to hear from you too as we can help support the formation of new Men's Kitchens.


Member's Comments

From Bob M.:

"I have been a member of the Men's Kitchen for 2 years + at the moment in that time I have met many new friends with a common bond in various subjects.


The cooking classes teaches us how to cook a hearty meal how to prepare chop dice vegetables meat etc most importantly is the safety in the kitchen knife skills and safety is of the utmost importance.   We also are allocated each month to do the shopping for the next month (looking for bargains).


We are divided into groups to prepare entray main meal and also sweets. A 3 course meal all done under the watchful eye of our female instructor.


Being a widower I find this experience and company quite enjoyable.


From Bob McM.:

"If the truth be known, it was my wife who signed me up for FMK. I am ten years her senior, but against all probability, it suddenly seemed as if she might predecease me. We suddenly discovered a Stage 4 lung cancer. In the shorter term I would likely need to be her carer and in the longer term I might have to “do for myself”.


Having spent a lifetime at sea in spaces far from the galley, I had developed no kitchen skills at all and, at home, as a right-handed “assistant” in a very left-handed kitchen, I would only get in the way so, in general, I kept well clear. Learning kitchen skills clearly needs a “hands-on” approach, and (in my case) not at home. I didn’t know anybody at FMK but went along anyhow and quickly found myself peeling potatoes; there were 8 or 9 people, so that’s quite a lot of spuds. Then there was the mashing process with the correct amount of milk and/or butter (recipes supplied for future reference). Spud peeling took a long time at first, but nobody noticed and I’m getting faster already.


It’s great, everybody gets on with it and nobody complains if you stuff up. And you don’t feel silly asking questions like “How do you boil an egg” (I mean, do you put the egg into cold water, or do you boil the water first?). That’s the technical side. There’s also the companionship factor, gradually getting to know people from all walks of life and realising that one has more in common with others than one might think.  And the motto is true also in this respect – old (sea) dogs CAN learn new tricks!


From Graham G.:

"I joined the men’s kitchen in September 2017. I was encouraged to join by my wife when we received a flyer at Warriewood Square in July, unfortunately she passed away a month later. I had very little cooking experience apart from BBQ’s and preparing basic dishes when my wife was ill.


So I came along not knowing anyone, there were about 9 of us there on that day and under instructions began preparing the food for that day. I have now attended 3 sessions and I have found everyone to be helpful and work together as a team in the cooking of a meal, it has pushed me out of my comfort zone and I am prepared to try new things where before I would stick to the basics.


With a bit more experience I will be confident to prepare a meal for family and friends.


From Alan M.:

"First of all I would like to thank you for all the hard work and time you have put into organising the Men's Kitchen. It is very professionally well run.


It has many benefits for all of us men who attend, both socially and practically. From hardly being able to boil water myself I can now partake in preparing a two course meal at the classes as well as enjoying it in the company of my peers.  I am gaining confidence and am preparing meals at home and look forward each month to this social event.


The chefs we have supervising are very patient and helpful. I hope the Men's Kitchen continues into the future and continues to expand.